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Harley - our Blue Heeler

Marri and Jarrah Coffee Tables

Clint will come around and have a coffee and discuss your next piece. His ideas are endless.

Jarrah and Sheoak coffee table with draw


Jarrah Railway sleepers made into bench seats delivered to Michigan USA


Natural edge curly Jarrah coffee table delivered to Kazakhstan 'Jeromes'


Golden Marri natural edge coffee table


Cedar coffee table with dovetail joins


Curly slab in Jarrah on Fire


Black borer


Natural edge Jarrah and Stainless


Future in Jarrah


Marri coffee table In Maylands


Jarrah burl coffee table delivered to Houston USA


Jarrah Burl table 'The Colemans ' delivered to Houston USA


Jarrah coffee table with glass delivered to Chicago USA


Jarrah Natural edge with glass coffee table


Jarrah slab coffee table going to Colorado USA


Jarrah slab with stainless steel 'Smicko'


Marri burl coffee table 'The South Fremantle '


The Cottesloe in natural edge Jarrah


Marri nest of tables in Henry St Fremantle


Marri one piece slab coffee table


Mini King in one piece Jarrah


Gracetown Jarrah slab coffee table


All Clear in recycled Jarrah


The Margaret River Fence Post


The Roy in One Piece Jarrah Slab


The Texas Slab in Natural Edge Jarrah


Jarrah Slab on Marine Terrace


All Clear in Marri


Curly Jarrah Slab


Subiaco 1250 x 750 in Jarrah


She Oak Natural
All Gummed Up in Marri
Jarrah Ring
Out of Curltrol - Curly Marri
Crossroads - Jarrah/She Oak
Crossroads - Jarrah/She Oak
The Port Jarrah Natural Edge Collection
Jarrah Slab
The Nerd in Recycled Jarrah/She Oak


Book Matched Natural Edge in Jarrah


Whispers in the Marri Forest in a Marri Slab


The Caves Road in Natural Edge Blackbutt Slab


The Fremantle in Natural Edge She Oak


The Old Traffic Bridge in Natural Edge Jarrah Slab


The Caple in Natural Edge Marri Slab


The Coolgardie in Natural Edge Jarrah Slab


The Big Nerd Coffee Table in Recycled Blackbutt








Mini Kong 1200 x 850 wide





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