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Harley - our Blue Heeler

Marri and Jarrah Dining Tables

We customize all tables to any specific needs - boardrooms, dinning, and outdoor.

Golden Marri natural edge table 2.4 long x 1.2 wide
'The Bathers Beach'


Golden one piece slab 2.1 long x 1.2 wide delivered to Michigan USA


Santa Barbara California in Jarrah


Jarrah Natural edge table 2.4 long x 1.2 wide
Los Angles USA Bound


Jarrah 3 metre one piece slab 'The Boab'


Jarrah burl dining table going to Texas with Fremantle chairs


Jarrah natural edge dining table 2 metres x 1.1 wide


Jarrah slim back dining table chairs


Natural edge Jarrah 2.4 long x 1.2 wide table with slim back chairs 'The Bayswater'


Natural one Jarrah piece slab with outside of jarrah tree base delivered to Houston USA


Port jarrah natural edge collection in Jarrah


Sheoak dining table with jarrah slimback chairs with Sheoak sideboard 'The Claremont '




Blackbutt natural edge table 'The Peppermint Grove'


The Applecross in Natural edge Jarrah


Scarborough beach slab


Boab in Marri


Boab in special Marri


Gunter's table in natural edge Marri in South Fremantle


Circles in Jarrah


Elaine's Jarrah dining table one piece


Esperance in Marri


Golden Marri dining table going to London 'The Pom'


Jarrah dining table North Perth in oil finish


Jarrah chairs Fremantle




Natural edge Jarrah with Boab Base 'The Bassendean'


Jarrah round table 'The Nedlands'


Marri dining table 2.4 long x 1.2 wide


Marri dining table delivered to City Beach


Marri natural edge table Victoria Park


The Esperance in Marri


Natural edge in Jarrah 'The Bassendean'


Out of Curltrol - Marri


One piece 3 metre Jarrah slab table 'The Gracetown'


One piece delivered to Sweden in Jarrah


Blackbutt and stainless The Boardroom


Boardroom in Blackbutt


The South Fremantle in recycled Jarrah 2.4 x 1.1


South Fremantle in Marri 1.8 x 1.1


Natural Edge Jarrah 'Westend Master'


Jarrah One Piece Slab 'The Coral Sea'


Marri Natural Edge 1300 x 750


Jarrah Refectory Table


Curly Marri Table 'Alabama'


Take me to Norway in Natural Edge Marri


Marri Setting Mr Norway


New Orleans in Natural Edge Marri


One Piece Slab in Jarrah Delivered to Sweden


Natural Edge Marri 'New Mexico'
Houston 'I'm here' in Unique Marri Slabs


Custom Black Butt in Cherry Stain Margaret River


Marri Slab Dinning Table and Chairs


Awe in Natural Jarrah Slab 2.8m x 1.2m


The Bunbury Collection in Jarrah


The Square Rusty in Recycled Jarrah


Squared in Marri 1.5m x 1.5m


Houston in Marri


Portjarrah Slab Table and Crab chairs in Jarrah


The Ultra Cool in Marri2.4m x 1.2m


Dallas Bench Seat 1600 x 480


Dallas in Recycled Jarrah


Portjarrah Collection 1.4 x x1.4m


Portjarrah Collection


Out of Curltrol - Marri
The Claremont
What Goes 'round Comes 'round
What Goes 'round Comes 'round
The Cottesloe in Natural Edge Jarrah
The Cottesloe in Natural Edge Jarrah
The Geek - She Oak
Anchoring Down in Freo in She Oak
Whispers in Marri Forrest
The Master Piece in Jarrah and Marri
Jarrah and Poplar Burl
Rusty Cousin in Jarrah 2.2 x 1.1
The Master Piece in Jarrah and Marri


The Portjarrah Collection in Jarrah


The French Riviera


The Cottesloe in Natural Edge Jarrah


The Portjarrah collection 1500 x 1500


The Boardroom


The Mandurah Canal in Marri


The Mandurah Canal in Marri





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